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During the holiday season, Oakley Self Storage is pleased to host a series of special events and events in Oakland, California, over the weekend before Christmas. We are proud to support our community members, local businesses and nonprofits throughout the holiday season and look forward to hosting a variety of events for our customers, employees, customers and the community in general during this time of year. During the holidays, we are happy to sponsor and support local events such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve.

At Oakley Self Storage, we understand that every young woman in our community will one day become a leader. Either way, don't wait until you take the opportunity to celebrate a special holiday for your parishioners, employees and customers.

You can find local cookie vendors by browsing the Boy Scouts website, or you can drop by to support Alana, Shelby and Oakley Troop 30392. You will receive a free cookie and a gift card for your choice of one of your favorite cookies. If you're looking for a good place to store your valuables, join a free tour of Oakley Self Storage!

Visit 4700 Main Street in Oakley, CA or call 925-625-7867 for official information or contact Tom Agers at (510) 926-5555 for more details. Visit 47000 Main St. in Oakley or visit the Oakleys Public Library at 901 Main Ave., Oakland, Calif., 9061 - 905 - 7500, and call (915) 662 - 4357 for information about the event. Visit 4750 Main Street in Oakland or visit the Oakland Public Library at 4740 Main Avenue, OakLEY, CA or call (511) 556-6555 for details of this event or other events in the area.

To register your family with the Friends of Oakley, click here to download the registration form or contact Tom Agers at (510) 926-5555 for more information.

Take a tour of Oakley Self-Storage and get a free first aid kit from the Oakland Fire Department's Emergency Medical Unit. After renting a storage unit, you will visit the newly built self-storage center at 4700 Main Street in Oakley, CA, located east of Antioch and north of Brentwood.

Oakley's western border is Highway 160, which provides access to the city of Oakley, the city of Brentwood and the Oakland Fire Department (ECCFPD). To the east is Bethel Island; the Marsh Creek Regional Trail offers scenic views of Merritt Lake, Elsinore Lake and Tahoe Lake. The city and Antioch border each other Oakly is located to the west and bordered by the City of Forests to the south. Eccfpd serves as a fire station for the East Bay Fire Protection District, Oakland Police Department, East Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department and Oakland Public Schools, as well as Oakland City Hall and Marsh Creek and Marsh Creek.

If you've never been to this local gem, you should definitely try La Costa when you're in East County, including East Contra Costa County and the East Bay Regional Park District. If you're looking for a scenic view of Merritt Lake, Elsinore Lake and Tahoe Lake in the Bay Area, look no further than Oakley, just a few miles east.

Although most travelers don't travel to the Bay Area in winter, Oakley still offers incredible prices. The median value of a home Oakley is one of the most affordable cities in the state of California, with $1.2 million. Not only is it one of California's youngest cities, but it also offers high-quality schools that attract young families looking to settle in and around the Bay Area.

Spring is also a great time to experience Oakley's beautiful beaches, beautiful parks and great restaurants and bars. San Francisco has some of the best restaurants, bars and shops in the city, as well as a variety of great shops and restaurants.

The day begins with a 5-mile race and an early morning parade, followed by a patriotic program that moves through Oakley's parks, parks and pathways before continuing to the American Cancer Society's annual Memorial Day parade. The local community is welcome to join together to remember the loved ones who lost their loved ones and raise money to help the American for Cancer Society make a global impact against cancer. We will not have any rides, but the participation in this event was excellent, "says Goetsch. The food will be locally sourced - grown grapes and wines from local wineries, as well as local artisanal cheeses and wines from the Bay Area and beyond.

As a member of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to know that our investment in the Oakley Chamber of Commerce has a direct impact on the quality of life in Oakley. In addition to the annual Memorial Day and Easter parades, Friends of Oakly is dedicated to serving the community by promoting volunteering and community leadership through volunteer programs, community events and volunteering.

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